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Pureflow sent me a new 165 GPH after 2 many emails and attempted cures to correct the old one. This lift pump replaced the AD I added to the truck when I bought it used in 2008. Imeddaitely it was putting out 23PSI but next day clamed down to 19/20. Tran was still surging and VP was throwing bad codes and then it quit. So VP probably was the cause of the “surging” which was happening before the AirDog replacement.
I had a rebulit VP from Boasch installed ($1,600). After this the truck is running great showing 18/20 PSI, no surging for about 50/75 miles around town, 15 minute or so trips.
I took truck on its first long, 300 mile round trip drive with the nre VO and AD. PSI stated to drop about 40 miles into the trip. At the 150 mile destination, PSI was 12/14. I filled tank and added 1 oz 2 cycle ash less oil per gallon of fuel (which I have done since I bought the truck). By the time I got home PSI at 10/12 and at acceleration 8. Next morning PSI at 14/16 and about 10 minutes into the drive it jumped up to 19/20. Stayed there for about 10 minutes and at the end of the 30 mile drive it was at 10/12, 6 under accleration.
Now parked near my diesel shop and again I need advice????????????????????????

Possible Choices:
try and get another new AD lift pump. (free)
Replace with a Fass
Replace with a Mechanical Lift pump
Sell the truck (wife will be extremely happy)

Thanks Russell
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