lift/tire question

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i currently have a 2011 ram express with a 2.5 level in front w .75 rear spacers also. i have a 6 in rough country on the way. wondering if anyone has any info or pics of a ram w a 6 inch lift with a 37 13.50 tire not a 12.50
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What info do you want? Can you run a 13.50? There are rams runnin 37" and 38" 13.50s, even 15.50s. You just have to get the right specs, also depends on the tire you're wanting to run.
With those wheels you'd be lucky to clear a 37x12.50x20. You're gonna need a wheel adapter of at least 1" to clear the above size or bigger...Unless its a skinny tire
37x13.50 should rub with a 5.5" bs. Never know till you try it tho :D

2 of the guys I know running 37x13.50s rub and they have 6" lifts with maxed out bilstiens. One of the tires is toyo mt. The other is mud graps. Both of them also have 20x10 wth 4.5" bs. The mud graps are also 1/8" from hitting the knuckle. With my setup I'm a solid 2" from the knuckle.

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