Lifting a '97 1500

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I just bought a '97 Dodge ram 1500. I want to lift it a little.

So as of now I think I have a 4" body lift (maybe 3) and just wanted to be able to put some bigger tires on, all i use it for is muddin. What would be the best and cost effective way to get like 35s or 37s. right now it has 33s

I have been looking at different leveling kits and it seems to me that a leveling kit is similar to a front coil spacer. What do I need to get for the back? is there any links you could show me that could help me find a kit or the individual pieces? I am in college so money is somewhat tight but I love the outdoors. Thanks again for all your help, Im new to the upgrading my truck scene. Iv always just drove a little car. Cars dont do well in the mud =D
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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