Light bar for 4th gen sport?

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I know there's a couple people on here that have what lookin' for but I haven't been able to find anything. Thanks on advance for the help!
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I went with the "fire and ice" by Plasma Glow (it's similar to this one, but is one piece) that has both the turn/stop lights as well as the reverse. I know Recon has a good one (a popular choice)

I also did a write up awhile back on how to hard wire it in, using the back side of the trailer connectors on the rear bumper

good luck

I was talking about one for the front to mount lights to.
OK, so you're talking something along the lines of a bull bar or brush guard.

Here are a few links at AutoAnything (a supporting vendor). If you look up Clark, he can probably get you a deal on anything ordered there.

Go Rhino


Here is a Hunter Bull Bar that is sold on eBay. I had one on my '08 and loved the look, as no one around here had one like it. It's just a little bit different than the average bull bar

Here are a few designed strictly as light bars....

KC that looks pretty bada$$


I just did a search for both "bull bar" and "light bar". You should get several hits if you do a similar search

Thanks for linking the write up. I was curious how to do that.
My pleasure, hope it gives you the info that you need.

good luck, and remember you'll need to add pics, and start a thread if you add any mods to your truck

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