Light Wheels & Sticky Tires For Launch...?

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I'm trying to arrive at an ideal combination of tires and rims for launching my `11 RCSB 2WD Hemi ST. Curiously, the factory 17 X 7 steel rim weight seems very elusive--I've read numbers from 23 to 33 pounds each. Does anyone know with certainty?

To the point, I have a K&N CAI and 14" straight-through muffler. I plan on 4.10 factory LSD gears, Y-pipe, removal of trailer hitch/spare tire/tailgate plus an Edge 2800 stall TC (it is also my daily driver). My truck is lowered 2" in the rear. I would like to use M&H 275/50R17 drag radials that are 28" tall (stock height is 31.6"). M&H specifies a 9" rim for that tire. I have found several 17 X 9 Ultra wheels that weigh between 24 and 25 pounds that are "supposed" to fit. I am thinking about using General Grabber UHP 275/55R17 up front (and on the rear for the street).

Since a tuner is not yet available (and might never be), I intend to have some 1/4-mile fun with the stock engine but...the truck must hook. I want 60' times under 1.8 seconds. Otherwise, there is scant motivation for me to proceed. I haven't spent much money on these plans...yet. So I have to ask you experienced guys, will these mods achieve my goals? Your input will be greatly appreciated before I make an expensive mistake! :Hey:


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Sounds like a good plan,
The only possible issue I see is without correcting your tire size/speedometer with a tuner,
you may hit the governor (105mph) before the end of the quarter and fall on your face well short of the traps.
at about the 1000' mark you'll be moving around 90 MPH, but your speedo will register 105 mph and the governor will retard your the throttle.
(about 10% smaller tire = speedo reading about 10% too fast)

I have a similar list of mods on my 10' RCSB 4x4 (about 300 pounds heavier than a 2wd rcsb)
and get 13.8's @98 MPH, 60' times are 1.8's (with a tune) but only an open diff with shitty 3.55's, DA here is usually over 2500'
only weight reduction was the spare removed. (tailgate and bakflip tonneau still on)

I run M/T 295/45R17 ET Street DR's on all 4 corners and often use 4WD auto for a full throttle launch since I added the Street Edge 2800 stall TC.
in ideal conditions with good track prep, a fresh layer of traction promoter I can still hook in 2WD.

Total weight for tire and wheel combo(17"x9" Moto Metal alum wheel) = around 60lbs ea.
that's about 30 pounds lighter than my 305/50 Terra Grappler's on stock 20's I use for the street.
(truck is a half second slower on my street tires) effective gear ratio goes from 3.55 to 4.30:1 when I swap to my M/T's

Tires measure about 11" wide x 27" tall mounted. DOT legal so I can swap them at home and drive them to the track.

If I had a rear locker or limited slip and 4.10's I bet I could hit 1.7's for a 60 footer in 2WD. current best 60' is 1.870


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Last Fall there was an ext cab eco douche talking up his ride at the track,
I kept trying to line up with him but he would always jump to a different lane to get away from me :D

(we usually have have 4 or 5 lanes that merge into 2)

He was running low to mid 15's and wanted nothing to do with me when he saw me pulling high 13's,

even my buddy with a 10' QC 4x4 Hemi (on stock 20's running 14's) couldn't get him to bite.

He swore he'd be back with upgraded turbo's/tuning next time out, I sure hope so, I've got some new toys on order too ,
also got a couple SRT8 Jeeps to teach a lesson too (again) this year Cant Wait to get Back!


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Here's the difference on my slips, both days were higher DA than normal,
my best ever trap was a 13.8 at 98.5mph on my DR's

MPH doesn't really change with lower gears or smaller tires, ET's just get quicker (in my experience)

32" Tall 305/50R20 Grappler's on stock 20's (3.55's)
(lost traction, one wheel peel at launch on the first pass)

27.5" Tall 295/45R17 DR's on 17"x 9" Moto Metal wheels (4.30:1 effective)

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