Light Wheels & Sticky Tires For Launch...?

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I'm trying to arrive at an ideal combination of tires and rims for launching my `11 RCSB 2WD Hemi ST. Curiously, the factory 17 X 7 steel rim weight seems very elusive--I've read numbers from 23 to 33 pounds each. Does anyone know with certainty?

To the point, I have a K&N CAI and 14" straight-through muffler. I plan on 4.10 factory LSD gears, Y-pipe, removal of trailer hitch/spare tire/tailgate plus an Edge 2800 stall TC (it is also my daily driver). My truck is lowered 2" in the rear. I would like to use M&H 275/50R17 drag radials that are 28" tall (stock height is 31.6"). M&H specifies a 9" rim for that tire. I have found several 17 X 9 Ultra wheels that weigh between 24 and 25 pounds that are "supposed" to fit. I am thinking about using General Grabber UHP 275/55R17 up front (and on the rear for the street).

Since a tuner is not yet available (and might never be), I intend to have some 1/4-mile fun with the stock engine but...the truck must hook. I want 60' times under 1.8 seconds. Otherwise, there is scant motivation for me to proceed. I haven't spent much money on these plans...yet. So I have to ask you experienced guys, will these mods achieve my goals? Your input will be greatly appreciated before I make an expensive mistake! :Hey:


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You are right! Getting 17's will need a tuner to compensate for the 105 mph guvna. SUCKS...I want the same set up u have BlackRamHemi.

Thinking I will put some DR's on my stock 20x9's and get a set of SRT 22X10's for my daily set up till a tuner comes out.

I am currently doing 2.3 60ft's at 15.01 in the 1/4 at 2600 feet above sea level with just a cherry bomb muffler and K&N drop in ; )
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