Lights won't turn off

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My most recent issue is that my brake lights will not turn off. The neighbors had witnessed it and informed us via phone that they had noticed them on last night. Well by the time I got the message this morning the battery has been drained dead.

I checked the dials and everything is turned off. I connected my maintainer to the truck to recharge the battery, as I did this the brake lights went back on. This started happening just after driving.

I had just recently taken it to a mechanic to flush the heatercore and reattached the dashboard about a week ago. Any ideas or suggestions on how to fix it?
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I think i would start out with testing/replacing the brake light switch. Should be able to pick one up for around $20.
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The brake light switch is the logical starting place. :)
I may be a little late but here goes. The same situation happened to me when i replaced my heater core recently. My guess is that when the dash was apart or somewhere in between the brake switch became damaged. It was a $11 part for me at Auto Zone and took a couple minutes to replace. It sits on the top of the brake pedal, one connector on it and it twists to remove. All it is is a switch with a plunger poking out of it that gets pushed in when the brake pedal is pressed.
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