Looking into a power programmer and need some help.

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The next thing i buy from my truck is gonna be a power programmer... and i was looking at getting the edge evolution.. mostly cause i was drawn to the fact that it mounts on the dash.. and becuase i dont know much about the difference between them all. but the purpose of the power programmer obviously isnt to make my truck look pretty.. id like to get the one that is gonna do the most for me performance wise and id love to get better fuel mileage when just driving around. i read some posts on here and most are saying not to go with the edge evolution but none really say what the advantages of the other programmers are. so if anyone has any input on this one it would be much apreciated.
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Before you make your decision look up Superchips and Diablosport they are two of the leaders when it comes to tuners for our trucks.
For best differences youll prolly want to go with diablo sport, intune or trinity...the number of people on here backing it cant lie
what about the diablosport predator? what is the difference between it and the intune.. and can you make changes on the fly with either of these? the trinity looks pretty awesome but i dunno if i want to spend that much extra money just to have it on a display.. unless their is other advantages to it.
IMO.. if you're not going to use the data logs or charts and maps, then the Trinity is way overboard. I went with the Trinity and in all honesty... all I use it for is the tune. Nothing else. In this case, you would be much better off with the Predator or even the inTune.
The inTune bascially replaced the Predator. Both Edge and Diablosport are great tuners, you can't go wrong with either!
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