Looking to replace the REF stock radio.

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I'm looking for some advice. After years of putting up with it...I am wanting to replace the "ref" stock stereo in my 07 Ram Sport. I do have the factory uconnect and would like to keep it. Can anyone provide me with any ideas. I'd like to have a satellite option with maybe a USB and Axillary option. Nav would be nice as well so I can get the portable off my window.

Appreciate the help.
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I could be wrong here, and I'm sure that someone will correct me if I am.....

I think in order to use the factory uConnect, you'll need to go with some sort of OEM upgraded stereo, and it's not going to be cheap.

As an alternative you could go with one of the after market units that include a BlueTooth/ handsfree set up with Nav. I haven't done any research on pricing of these types of units, but I believe you'll get more bang for your buck with an aftermarket than you will with an OEM unit.

I would check out one of the supporting vendors, Crutchfield, Online Car Stereo, or even your local shop and see what your options are.

good luck

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