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Hi, I'm from California and I'm trying to change my 2016 Ram 1500 Big Horn tail lights to the type of tail lights I've seen on Australia's Rams ASV. The reason is that I've driven a Volvo 740 for almost 30 years and it has rear amber colored turn indicators. My 2016 does not have rear amber turn indicators since it's a US version. I know that the 2019 Ram Rebel and others come standard with tri-colored tail light lenses (red, amber and white) but they won't fit on a 2016 Ram. I've seen, online, a 2017 Ram ASVs with the tri-color set up though.
So my questions are:
1. Where can I find Australian style Ram tail lights (with amber turn indicators)?
2. If I were able to get some would they fit on my truck?
3. Are they available online (Australian NAPA or other auto part stores)

Thank you for your input!

Take care1

Cal Dave G
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