Love my RAM truck

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Hello to everyone. I love reading the posts. Very helpful as I have found.
I bought mine used with 96k for 12k. I had to replace the TPS a couple months after I bought it also the water pump. Other than that Its a great running truck. I've had it since July and have taken it off road near Rocky Mountain National park in the twin sisters peak range. It performed great with three passengers a Siberian husky and a load of fire wood.

I don't have any mods that I have installed however I would like to upgrade to HID lighting. Any thoughts or comments? Websites would be helpful as well.

I drive a 95 dodge Intrepid as well. 253k runs like new. I'm keeping it in the family as well.

I used to own a 92 GMC Sierra 4x4 single cab short bed. Loved it till it was T-Boned. Good trucks too

I hope to camp with some of you in the future.....

Happy holidays,

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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