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I'm sorry guys. Everyone is getting excited about EGR delete by completely removing it out of truck.
Governments restrictions are getting pretty tight.
And all tree huggers are very happy about it.
What do we do (in close future) in case when our trucks will start to get randomly inspected for missing emissions parts ant towed on owners expense. Kept off the road until an another inspection confirm that everything is back to stock and functional.
I understand that for many of us this sounds like science fiction.
It's already happening on daily basis in Europe.
How long it could take for tree huggers to bring this wonderful law into North America?
They're probably already working on it!

So my question is..
How to disable the EGR valve with EGR system untouched?
What if I simply insert thin metal blanking plate right under EGR valve and another one at the end of EGR cooler?
It will totally seal EGR system from the engine.
But everything else will stay as it is. Antifreeze will keep going through EGR cooler, EGR valve will keep opening and closing without any actual flow and in case of warranty work those plates will get removed. Emission system will be still in it's original place without visible changes.

The only thing I don't know is..
Will this light up my check engine or other wonderful light?
There is some sensor on EGR system which could trigger some action.
Will this be engine friendly?
Does anyone tried this way before on Ram 3500 Cummins 2018 or older? And how it went?
I will very appreciate any suggestions.
Thank you.

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My truck is an '09 3500, I did what you are asking about with an H&S Mini Max tuner, everything emissions wise minus the DPF filter in the exhaust was shut off with the tuner and left intact. Since my truck is an older version, I had the filter media all removed from inside the DPF filter, virtually hollowing it out. The tune installed was a 75HP towing tune, I also had an over-drive tune done to the transmission which made a world of a difference as well. All this was done and not a single CEL light.

I have since then done the complete delete removing all of the non-functioning parts that became dead weight. I am running an EFI Live tune with a similar horsepower boost with the same transmission tune. If anything, your engine will love you for it.

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Unless the sensors are turned off with a tune it will throw a code and light up the dash. GDE turns the EGR off for the Ecodiesels. They may also have one for the Cummins.
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