Magnaflow 14" and ypipe please help!!!!!!z

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Ok so I have a 2012 sport with the factory duals and I ordered a 14" magnaflow exhaust and a magnaflow ypipe. I went to a muffler shop today to get them installed and he told me not to bother with the ypipe it would be a waste of money that I might as well do true duals, its obvious the restriction of factory y compared to the magnaflow but he doesnt agree. Considering I already have the muffler and ypipe I dont want to go true duals and ive heard id lose backpresure therefore losing some low end power. He also mentioned deleting the resonators in the back which i was already debating about , I want a nice loud deep rumble but want to keep incab drone to a minimum. What do guys think ypipe and muffler, muffler only, resonators or no resonators,????? Thanks guys
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Just had my exhaust ran with a DI/DO Magnaflow 14in and you can hear it just idling off and when you open it up it's loud. As far as cruising you can hear it but the radio at like 12 all but drowns it out. The shop ran 2.25in piping from where the stock Y was back instead of replacing the Y and doing 3in inlet/2.5in outlet like I had planned on doing. I assume I've got the same amount of flow since it's duals but not sure?

Definately noticed a power difference but not sure how much of that is attributed to the JBA headers. Unfortunately I can't give an accurate opinion on noise level for the exhaust since I got it all done at once, but like I said it's loud but not crazy loud. I'll form a better opinion later this week as I drive it more and give you guys an update on noise level.
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