Magnaflow 14" and ypipe please help!!!!!!z

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Ok so I have a 2012 sport with the factory duals and I ordered a 14" magnaflow exhaust and a magnaflow ypipe. I went to a muffler shop today to get them installed and he told me not to bother with the ypipe it would be a waste of money that I might as well do true duals, its obvious the restriction of factory y compared to the magnaflow but he doesnt agree. Considering I already have the muffler and ypipe I dont want to go true duals and ive heard id lose backpresure therefore losing some low end power. He also mentioned deleting the resonators in the back which i was already debating about , I want a nice loud deep rumble but want to keep incab drone to a minimum. What do guys think ypipe and muffler, muffler only, resonators or no resonators,????? Thanks guys
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Just go to another shop. The reason they don't want to replace the stock Y pipe is that they have to custom bend and fit it too the truck. Go ahead and get it changed. I have the 14 magnaflow and the Y pipe and it's not too loud nice growl under throttle and quiet for the cruise. I left the resonators on have very little drone.
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