Magnaflow 14" and ypipe please help!!!!!!z

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Ok so I have a 2012 sport with the factory duals and I ordered a 14" magnaflow exhaust and a magnaflow ypipe. I went to a muffler shop today to get them installed and he told me not to bother with the ypipe it would be a waste of money that I might as well do true duals, its obvious the restriction of factory y compared to the magnaflow but he doesnt agree. Considering I already have the muffler and ypipe I dont want to go true duals and ive heard id lose backpresure therefore losing some low end power. He also mentioned deleting the resonators in the back which i was already debating about , I want a nice loud deep rumble but want to keep incab drone to a minimum. What do guys think ypipe and muffler, muffler only, resonators or no resonators,????? Thanks guys
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I got my DOD14M which is basically just a Magnaflow 14" with the proper pipes already welded on to allow for a 30min install right at home the kit comes from Mufflex and I got mine on within the 30mins no problem and in all honesty I have a 2012 with factory duals and the resonators are still on and they are staying on it is plenty plenty loud the rumble is intense when accelerating and on the highway it's still got rumble but my kids in the back and my wife have no issues with it at all

BUT!!! one suggestion would be to get in the habit of doing the mds disable trick I do it every time I drive the truck and it's easy, all you do is as your leaving the driveway put it in manual mode with the +- put it in 5th and hold both the +- at the same time quickly and it will go into 6th and the 6 will stay on the screen the whole time

But it shifts through all gears problem free and everything works just the same however it won't go into ECO mode and in ECO mode you get drone like a SOB so that's the way to keep it from happening

Also for the records with my truck I was getting 16.3-16.7 AVG now keeping it OUT of ECO mode im getting 17.3-17.5 AVG and have seen it in the 20's from time to time
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