magnum diferences

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I have recently started considering building up one of my 318s (I have a parts truck) and have realized that most performance parts are for the non magnum engines pre 1994 I was wondering what the differences between mag and non mag was from my understanding just the EFI setup more specifically no reason why an aftermarket cam for a 93 wont work for my 96.
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Actually, it depends on how you're looking at it. The LA's had squat for emissions-legal aftermarket parts, but tons of street-illegal. The Magnum got a good bit of emissions-legal stuff, and when you have Indy, Mopar Performance, and Edelbrock in your camp, you don't need many offerings. '92 was first year for 5.2 Mag. '93 was first year for 5.9 Mag. The aftermarket cam you speak of will work (mechanically speaking) depends on how wild it is as to whether your computer will like it or will need mods.
LA's also had EFI from the late 80's til Magnum, it was just a first generation EFI, also called dual point throttle body injection because it had two injectors in the throttle body instead of having 8 in a multi-point "Magnum".
5.2 LA's have small valves and ports. 5.9 LA, 5.2 Magnum, and 5.9 Mag have large ports and larger valves. Mag valve stems are thinner than LA's. Mag intake valves are bigger than 5.9 LA 1.92" vs 1.88". LA's oil via two oil holes in the cam journals, through the heads to shaft-mounted rockers. Magnums oil via pushrods to stud-mounted rockers. The intakes attach to the heads differently. Internally, the Mags are the last evolution of the LA head.
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