Magnuson Supercharger for Ram 5.7 Hemi

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Anyone out there tried this system? I have talked to hennessey performance who also sells this system and says they have a ram that has had it on for a while and is doing great. they also sell warranty packages that cover the engine, trans, an rear end ranging from 275 for a 3yr 36,000 to a 6yr 100,000mi for 775 bucks.
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There are several guys out there running these setups with great results... As far as the transmision i would buy an ATS 545RFE.... But since you got a 2012 your screwed! No tuning available to make a supercharger work for your truck man sorry...
get a 09-10 PCM, re-flash for the 11'-12' updates and slap the blower on tuning will work this way.......
Maybe, matbe not...I would like to know "says who" Has anyone tried this to confirm it? The 65rfe is the exact same tranny in every aspect...just reprogrammed. That leaves the question "where and what" is reprogrammed? As far as I know, the tcm is in the pcm...not the tranny. the tcm reprogrammed? Because that is not inside or a part of the tranny. Imo, the only problem would be the solenoid pack...are they the same or different and if so could you swap them out if need be to make the pcm swap work. See where I'm getting...and who says you can't swap out the tcm from the 2011 to the 09 pcm. There's lot's of unanswered questions...just asking because some of this doesn't make sense not to work. I'm not saying that it will, I just see to have more faith in the possibilities. :4-dontknow:

humm good point.....:4-dontknow:
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