Magnuson Supercharger for Ram 5.7 Hemi

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Anyone out there tried this system? I have talked to hennessey performance who also sells this system and says they have a ram that has had it on for a while and is doing great. they also sell warranty packages that cover the engine, trans, an rear end ranging from 275 for a 3yr 36,000 to a 6yr 100,000mi for 775 bucks.
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There are several guys out there running these setups with great results... As far as the transmision i would buy an ATS 545RFE.... But since you got a 2012 your screwed! No tuning available to make a supercharger work for your truck man sorry...
An older pcm wont work as he has the new 65RFE 6 speed transmission...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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