Maintenance Minder Irritating...

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So, the wife tells me the truck says it needs its oil changed again.

I put amsoil in it at 62k, went on a road trip with no load, and came back to afghanistan. It has 64k on it now and is sitting at home. Trying to figure out why it needs an oil change ever 2k? Especially with Amsoil. I thought the PCM in these things was adaptable? It certainly doesn't hesitate to tell me when I have had my foot in it too often!:LOL:
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I believe its just the factory specified mileage for oil change. I just ignore it as i go by mileage of when i changed it last. hit the pedal three times and no more irritating service reminder.
I also have 2009
It always lights up at 2,700 miles, i don't care if it was all local driving or long distance driving.
I do the reset & service it when it sets off again or just around 5,000 plus miles
I use Mobile One & a Wix filter
my 09 gets it in less than 2,000 miles; my service advisor told me to just reset it.
Wow, good to know I am not the only one. :LOL: At least its easy to reset.
this is just another example that the service minder isn't truly "duty based".

On my '08 it would go off about every 2500 miles, regardless, and my '10 is very similar. On my '08 as I had several years of (so called) free oil changes (I'm sure I actually paid for them in one way or another) I brought it in, on my '10 I just go by mileage.... typically about 5000

My 09 has never told me to change the oil - although, yes, I do get the oil changed. about every 3500 mi. regular Dinosaur Oil. I did get the trans reverse flushed (30k miles) and all of the trans oil and torque converter changed w filter. Trans temp is now 45f less than before, towing 6500lb travel trailer over same roads and distance. Very happy with that.
The oil change reminder is a joke.I just reset it.
How do you reset it? I just got the stupid truck and I changed the oil when I got it since I don't trust service dept.s and the stupid change oil light cam on today. I usr synthetic because I buy cases at a time and get it discounted since 1 of my cars needs it and the other is modded so it is better for it so I figured I may as well in this thing as well.
yeah i got same prob....I just bought a used 2010 and the nissan dealer told me it was just changed and i only put 300-400 miles so far and it started today..It only has 25000 kms on it as is...
Key on but not running, press the gas pedal 3 times. Key off and then start it up, should be off now.
My 2009 comes on about every three thousand, But one time it came on at about a thousand I thought whats going on here, checked my receipt the dealer had put 5-30 in. So who knows?
You guys and this forum are the best...... That damn reminder has been driving me nuts!! I just Bought my truck and changed the oil the next day and 3 weeks later the reminder is going off. Just reset it, thanks to you guys, and now all is good! Thank you again!
Good info to know.....
Key on but not running, press the gas pedal 3 times. Key off and then start it up, should be off now.
I guess I should have known this but Thanks!!!
I was also wondering about mine coming on, I've only got a little over 1500 miles on mine since I brought it home and the light came on earlier this week. Seemed a little early since I ASSUME the dealer changed the oil. But looking back on my experience there and everything since I wonder. Those of you in the Denver area, beware of GO Chevrolet.
Its weird, my 09 would have the message every 2500-3000 miles, no matter what kind of driving or oil I used, I could set my watch by it.

I just passed 6,000 miles of driving on the 11 Big Horn, and I had to literally change the oil before the truck told me to. I could not take it any more. Even with full synth, it was a nailbiting experience.
The funny thing is when we lived in Seattle the light would come on regularly every 3000. Now living on the coast in N Cal and very little city driving and everywhere is some distance like Santa Rosa a 100 Ml, Fort Bragg 30 Ml, but drive 1/2 ml off road dusty to get to and from where we live.Drove down to LA a couple of times and those journey's were each over 2000 Ml have not seen the light, did go to the dealer in Petaluma when we were down that way and had the oil changed but we had done at least 5000 since the previous change. Be interesting to see if and when the light comes on before 6000 from the last change.
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