Manual swap help

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ok so i have a bit of a problem right now. I'm finishing up my manual swap on my 96 5.2 ram with the nv3500. I've got it almost completely done now, but at the moment I'm getting a crank but no start with no spark to the coil or the distributor cap. Now for starters I went through every forum I could and scavenged all the information I could for this swap. I am using the original wiring harness. So I used washers to space out the crank sensor to about the same distance as the manual wiring harness. As far as the RNSS goes ive got two of the three wires figured out, the black wire gets jumped to the 12v negative terminal on the battery which allows the truck to turn over, and ive wired up the reverse lights using the lime green wire from the RNSS. The only wire I cant figure out is the purple wire on the RNSS. My thoughts as of right now is that its either something to do with that last wire on the RNSS, or I possibly spaced out the automatic crank sensor wrong. The only other things I should mention is that the entire steering column was swapped and at the moment I have no gouges that are working in the truck, which I have a feeling is just a bad dimmer switch but I could be wrong. Also just a thought, is there any way I can jump the crank sensor? The truck hasn't ran in a couple months so it won't read any codes.
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Not famiallr with standards but did you check to see if the crank sensor is the same? It needs to read the holes in the flexplate on a auto. Not sure how it's done with a manual.
No, I did not. My thought at this moment is to switch the connectors and connect the crank sensor from the manual
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