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I took delivery of my ram that I had ordered in November on 12/29. Took it in for service last Friday due to a wind whistle sound on the right side with more than half a tank of gas and 730 or so miles on the odo. Finally they found the source of the problem which was an incorrectly installed intake for the hvac. Called me yesterday and I went to pick it up. 900 miles on the odo and the empty fuel light on. It's got a scratched up tailgate as well. Dealer has verbally agreed to fix the tailgate scratches and claims the 150 miles was diagnostic.
I called the Ram customer assistance 800 number explained my situation and was offered 4 oil changes. Since I'm changing it to synthetic and doing it myself this weekend I declined.

Do I have a right to be pissed here? Any chance I'll get some kind of compensation or satisfaction?
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I too check the odometer when i drop off my Ram at the dealership

I walk around my Ram with the Service Writer when i check the Ram in, i watch him write down the scratches & dents. When i pick up the Ram, i do another walk around, if i see something, i don't take it off the lot until the Service Writer does a walk around & writes it down

i think they owe you 4 or 5 gallons of gas & a fix on the tailgate

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Although 150 miles does sound a bit excessive, I don't know all the specifics but do know that finding and correcting wind whistle can be rather laborious at times. As it would be necessary for them to test it at highway speeds, if the dealer is quite a distance from a suitable highway, this could add up miles in a hurry. It's unfortunate that they did not at least replenish the fuel, as it is 'poor customer service' IMO, to return the vehicle with the low fuel light on when it arrived with 1/2 tank.

I would have taken them up on the 4 oil changes, and switched to synthetic after that. :4-dontknow:
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