Master Shield Paint Sealant

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When I purchased my 2011 LongHorn in August of 2011, it came with the Master Shield Paint Sealant and Leather protectant. Does anyone have any opinions on this add on? I took my truck to the dealer today to have the six month reconditioning performed. Any positive or negative opinions?
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I always thought of that stuff as snake oil.

Except for the fact that some of those packages offer recourse in the event of acid rain damage or such once the product is applied, not sure it is worth a whole lot.
I don't think of these things as snake oil, but they are a huge profit item for the dealer. You can duplicate the results with a high end product, like Zaino, or probably cheaper products also. They are just usually a man made or synthetic type of wax. If you've paid for it, and if the reconditioning is free, I'd stick with it. I'm not familiar with that product name, but its probably quality stuff.
:Hey:im familiar with the dealer applied products, but ive never had it done myself. I know my grandfather had the sealant put on his 97 caravan when he bought it new. he still drives it today and the freakin paint looks awesome...and it has never been touched since he got it applied in 97.

with that being said, a 30 dollar bottle of wolfgang 3.0 selant would have done the van 10 times over...and prolly looked just as good. being a fraction of the cost, id prolly look at doing it myself because i have the tools/supplies and the know how, but in all honesty, i cant knock the product the dealer applied in 97...
IMHO----Don't take it back to the dealer. Like primo said, buy your own product and do it yourself. I bet you get better results. +1 on the Wolfgang 3.0 sealant. Easy on easy off and lasts for 6-8 months whereas wax only last for about 60 days.
I hate to say it but you got taken. The paint sealant is nothing more than synthetic wax. The leather protectant you can do yourself quick and easy. (and just as good) Ive been in the paint business for many years and cars that are waxed regularly have much nicer paint after a few years than ones that have had these "sealants" applied once. I'm not sure why dealers are still able to charge exorbitant amounts of money for these products and undercoatings with negligible benefit to the consumer. They sell you on their products and the warranty's that come with them. Then when you have a problem they wont cover anything anyways. Its a shame its allowed to go on.
RKTMAN, be careful mixing your opinion with fact....the main thing a person pays for with these "dealer applied" products is the warranty. I'm in PA which is the third highest state in the country for acid rain damage, and seen countless vehicles re-clear coated with no questions asked due to blemishes caused by acid rain or bird sht. We had a 2007 Grand Cherokee come in last fall that had an entire rear seat reapholstered because her son spilled grape juice. That was 4 years after she bought it......So, for $300, to have your entire vehicle washed, clayed, waxed and buffed, interior completely treated, plus a seven year warranty.....find me a detailer that will do that for the same price.

In 11 years in the business I've had about 7 new vehicles and paid for the treatment on every one.
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I am speaking from my 20+ years experience in dealing with these companies. The paint sealant does nothing more than wax and in the majority of cases the customer gets nothing when they file a claim. You also can't just re clear a vehicle with bird or acid rain damage. It would look like crap. They may cover a seat stain but they rarely cover paint claims. (Here at least)
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