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so my truck has this serge when the cruise is set its kinda like the trans is shifting in and out of od lock.... could this be the mds kickin n and out? 1 thing i havent tired is shutting it off with the cortex... it just makes me wonder if its the mds or the trans. i have had the trans looked at and a few things replaced and they say its my exhaust... i beg to differ cause u can feel it serge and hear it i dont care for the dodge dealership thats close to home but wanted some opnions before i drive 2 hrs 2 another dealer where i bought the truck thanks for the inputs b4 hand!
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If you have an aftermarket exhaust then you will hear the mds kick on and off. It has been best described as a low flying helicopter right over your truck :) if that's what you're describing then it's normal. To correct it you can shut off the mds or buy a muffler with a damper installed that's wide open under 8 cyl but shuts a bit when in mds. If you shut off the mds and it still feels like a surge, your od clutch plate could be slipping.
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