Melting License Plate Light Housing

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My license plate light housing was replaced by a bodyshop after an accident repair. Now the housing is melting (see photo). Has anyone had this issue or heard of it?
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My license plate light housing is melting. It was just replaced (new) buy a body shop after an accident and now it's melting see the photo attached. I've searched the net but nothing specfic to this. Has anyone else had this issue?
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That is really freaking weird!

What type of light bulbs are you running? I cant see them being hot enough to melt the plastic but I have seen weirder things happen....

The stock tail lights melted/broke the lens on my camaro once... but it was like a perfect storm type of scenario...
I have never see anything like that. Weird.
Could they have heated it up at the shop to make it fit? Or possibly heat up the metal around it for bodywork? I would think that if it was the bulb or electrical the lens would have a hole melted through by now.
Cheap China Chit - probably not a Mopar part?
Go back to the body shop and let them see it. The longer you wait the less likely they will fix it at their expense.
Ya take it back if it were the bulb the lens would melt dont wait to long with shit like that you might wind up catching your truck on fire.
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