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Market Research Study

I am conducting a Market Research Study for demand of automotive businesses and products in Metro Detroit. Please be honest with your answers and keep this thread on track. If you have information that can add to the question more specifically feel free to include it.

Thank you for your participation.

The questions below will give me a clearer report but this is a link to a shorter version if its easier for you.

1. What’s your experience been with current performance shops in Metro Detroit?
2. Too many or not enough Performance shops?
3. Too specialized or not broad enough for current performance shops?
4. What type of performance shop would be ideal for Metro Detroit?
5. Is car audio dying or growing?
6. Too many or not enough audio shops?
7. Do any of the audio shops do customizing work and if so who?
8. What type of atmosphere appeals to you in an aftermarket shop?
9. Are shops helpful, kind, and friendly? (in my experience not many)
10. Custom auto paint, growing or dying?
11. Any shops that do or specialize in custom paint work? (it took me over a year to find a great shop that does custom work and not just insurance and basic paint work)
12a. Any shops you can trust to take your car to as a one-stop-shop for audio, paint, and performance?
12b. If so, are these shops reputable and growing or mediocre and barely hanging on/dying?
13. Are these one-stop-shops in demand anymore, overabundance or in need?
14. Cruising Woodward in the summertime yes or no?
15. Car club gatherings, meetings, hangouts growing or dying?
16. Are shops helpful when asking them questions?
17. Are we in need of a activities to keep us car enthusiasts active in the winter when our cars are stored ?
18. Do you have a favorite local spot or shop hangout? If so, where?
19. What would you improve in our choice of performance shops?
20. What would you improve in our choice of audio shops?
21. What would you improve in our choice of custom paint shops?
22. Do you enjoy sharing your stories, experience and knowledge about cars?
22. Are you a new car enthusiast and wish you had a place to learn and meet car people? ( I know when I built my first Mustang and was new in the hobby, I found some people to be helpful and some not so helpful. But I didn’t really know where to start or what to do and just went in on my own and learned the hard way)
23. What areas are the cruise spots/hang outs?
24. What are we missing in these areas?
25. What would you change or improve about these areas?
26. What are the too many of in these areas? (other than cops… LOL)
27. How has the economy affected you and your passion of cars?
28. Are you a new, short time , or long time hobbyist?
29. Are you a gear head, audio nut, or both?
30. Waiting areas in shops, fun or boring? What would you change about them?
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