Miller Lower control Arm Bushing removal tool.

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My 2002 Dodge Ram 2WD has 280,000 miles on it and is in serious need of new lower control arm bushings. I have a master Balljoint c-clamp set and was disappointed to see that it would not work.

I priced out having it done to find out that book time on it is 2.5 hrs a side for a grand total of $500 plus tax. Needless to say I kept looking. Surely they make a tool for this, surely I could find one or make one cheaper than $500 and surely I could do it myself in much less time...

I searched ebay and came across a single auction for a tool set made by Miller. It consists of a draw stud with cups, caps and 2 spacers to draw the old bushing out and then draw the new one in. Using these two tools, I was able to change out all 4 lower control arm bushings in my driveway in approx 1 1/2 hrs. The only thing I had to remove was the wheels and the 4 lower control arm bolts.


and 2)

I snagged both tools for $114 shipped and they were brand new, worked flawlessly and are a great addition to my toolbox. :smiley_thumbs_up:
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