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Hey everyone... OK, so I love the design, look and theory behind my Moose Mirrors on my 2015 2500, but as a school bus and ambulance driver, and a former Ford Excursion owner, I'm used to the slide-out mirrors. When the Moose mirrors are in their parking lot friendly, non-flipped out position, I can't really see that great... Yeah, yeah, my eyes are open. Basically I hate them unless they in full Moose, and then yes they're safe and functional... Anyone have any telescoping mirrors they added on? Mopar (in the infinite wisdom) doesn't offer an option for these any more. I had them on my 2006 and they were the best "driving" mirrors IMHO.

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Dear Moose,

First of all: Welcome to RamforumZ. :smileup:

Next up is...
Why not just drive with your mirrors flipped up?

And FWIW... My other truck is a 2007 F-250 and compared to my new RAM, the old Ford has (almost) NO blind spots.

Now the fun part: My opinion...

You are a professional driver.
You are used to being able to always see every possible aspect of your vehicle. Your job (and our safety) depend on it.
However, most typical (civilian) vehicle operators aren't bothered by blind-spots because they are oblivious to them. They aren't even part of the equation. :wavey:
Things like texting, talking, tinkering with the NAV system, etc... are their main concern.

A good vehicle operator such as yourself is very annoyed by any blind spots and can detect then in an instant.
As for the rest of us... Meh, whatever makes the truck look sexy works.
Just like blasting the stereo so loud that being able to "hear" the traffic around you is impossible.

Thanks for being a good driver and remember; Moose Ears Up! :smiley_thumbs_up:
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