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Hey all,

Got my stock 97 mirrors off, bout ready to install my stock 98 mirrors, but wiring harness does not match. I need to take harness from old mirrors and put them on the new mirrors. What wires do I need to connect and what wires do I ignore. Fast help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Old wiring on bottom, new wiring on top. I need to use the green harness.
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Ok, got this project done. After finding online that the two black wires on the new mirrors are for the heater control, I was left to trial and error. So, went thru and tried a few different combinations of wiring, and this is what I found to make the mirrors work properly:

Old purple to new white with black stripe.
Old green to new light blue.
Old red to new yellow.

Now this is for the power heated mirrors from 98 to 01, I dont know about the tow mirrors.
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