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I recently bought a 2019 1500 which has the tow mirrors. I do not need this feature, and would like to have mirrors which do not extend out as far from the door, if possible. Are the standard mirrors shorter, or is the only difference the double mirrors in the same housing. If the standard mirrors are shorter, can someone provide me with the Mopar part number, as I have tried to find it on the parts websites, and there are numerous numbers without explanations of the differences.
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They are shorter. I had the tow mirrors (2019 Big Horn) and my dad has the standard mirrors (2020 Limited) and the standard mirrors are definitely a narrower profile even with my tow mirrors "stowed". I'm not sure by how much but it is noticeable if you are looking to save those inches.

You should get the right mirrors if you type in your VIN in a Mopar parts sits. You can also go to the dealership parts counter with your VIN and they will be able to tell you which part number(s) is (are) for your truck.

There's more to it besides just replacing the mirrors. I'm not sure if you have a 5th gen or 4th gen but has the OEM "upgrades" for you to make the switch. They are close to (if not) the pricies but they are all OEM parts and everything comes in the kit for the conversion.

There are other kits that people have used or have sourced everything themselves to save some moolah so that option is out there too.
going to be a big expense just to save a inch or 2
I appreciate the suggestions and input. My wanting to make the change is based on two things. One, the size, but also more on the split image in these tow mirrors, which I do not like. The only trailers I use are a small utility trailer and a 16' open one. I really do not need the extended, double image mirrors, and I plan to keep the truck for several more years, so I think it would be worth it to make the change.
i hated the tow mirrors when i got my truck since i came from a truck without them. Found them very odd to use when backing up and almost tagged the fence a few times. Once i got used to them i have no issues now and do not even notice until i get in a veh without them. Now that im towing a travel trailer i have to get used to them when i have them up in the tow position...LOL.. just about tagged the fence again backing in the trailer..

If your set on changing them out your best bet would be to find a salvage yard and get a used set in good shape.
There's more to the swap then just the mirrors. You can save some money by snagging some from a salvage yard (although mirrors are a desirable commodity so might be hard to find) but be sure you get everything you need for them to have the functionality you want.
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