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OK I have sitting in the yard:
1994 2500 ram 5.9 with bad motor/trans/rust bucket
1994 2500 ram (ex diesel/auto trans)/absolute perfect rust free
1995 1500 ram 5.9 bad motor/good trans/perfect rust free
1997 1500 ram 5.9 good motor/bad trans/ wrecked/rusty

Sitting in the shed is a good 5.9 gas engine, set up for OBD 1 (94/95)
also is a fresh rebuilt 46RE trans (96- )

I plan to convert the 94 ex diesel to a 5.9 gas. will use the wiring harness and computer out of the 94 gasser. along with the good trans out of the 94 ram 1500. (I might rebuild the 46rh before installing it)

then I'll put the engine out of the wrecked 97, mate it to the good trans in the shop, along with the wiring and computer from the 97 and put it into the 95.

My questions are:
do the gauges need to stay with their computer/cab wiring? I know that the engine wiring needs to stay with the proper computer.
other than the 'diesel fuel only' marking on the diesel gauge.. and the tach redlines at 3500, would this work with the gas wiring harness?
I'll try to get some pics as this little 'project' gets underway!
Both these finished pickups will be for ranch use, the 2500 will pull the stock trailer, the 1500 will be the daily 'gopher'
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