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2017 Ram Rebel 5.7L Flame Red
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So I had already done the back up lights and then wanted to do the brake lights so that is what this is about. First make sure you get RED LED's otherwise I a white would shine right through the lense.

All was going great brake light worked then the next day drove to work and turned on the signal.

I got 3 regular flashes then HYPERFLASH. So with the help of the guys on here they lead me to the right Load Resistors. 6Ohm 50 Watt. I got 4 off of ebay for 15 bucks.

The load resistors on the right rear go on Black and Wh/Yl and on the left it is Black and Wh/Gr. Even after reading this I put the left on the white yellow and knew as soon as I got the hyper flash what I had done. So now I am one splice cap short for the fronts when I do them.
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