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Good morning everyone,
Well, decided to get myself a 3/4 ton for personal use within the next 3 months or so (will take some time to find a decent one with not to high of a mileage. My old 1998 f150 did not have enough payload for a popup camper. I ham 90% sure it will be a 2500 ram 4x4 quad cab as i believe the max payload is about 3000 lbs. what do you guys think?

Now here are 2 questions, hoping someone can help me :)

1. I am looking at the 5.9l v8 gas engine. I have limited funds and after reading how much it can cost to fix some parts of the diesel, looking for th gas model. What is the average fuel economy in the city and in the highway with about 2000 lbs payload (camper and people)? I read unloaded its about 11-14 mpg average in the city and about 16-18mpg in the highway....

2. I am afraid of what i am reading with the dash falling apart, plenum issues and front steering/suspension issues. I am able to work on trucks (suspension, exhaust, steering, shocks....), not afraid of that but how common are those issues and what do i need to look for?

I started looking at some posts and will continue to do so.

Thank you

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