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Oh would be impossible to give you any concrete suggestions.

But since you're gonna save, let me offer that the more you spend, the better results you'll have.

On a "stock truck" without a lift and big tires, mild bolt on mods will give you nice gains. These would include larger TB's , tuners, exhaust, Intake, etc. Opinions on brands/styles are as many as blades of grass in a field.

Then you can progress to internal engine/ tranny mods.

However if you're serious about real performance, or have a 4x4 you want to lift and tire up, you need more serious (expensive) stuff. That'll start with lower gears to increase your torque to turn those big meats. Some tranny mods to keep things cool.
Even 2wds will have more instant get up and go with a gear swap. Gears will enhance the mid range and upper end power most bolt on mods provide.

With the lower gears, what would you be looking at as per Highway mpg and rpm? How much lower? Sorry new to this subject and really looking to do some mods to my truck. I ultimately want more get up and go and just raw power. However i still need it to drive on the highway.
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