Mods on the way!!

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Just ordered a spectre cai kit on ebay for 74 shipped... I am excited to get that in... Will be doing the tb mod once the cai gets here... Any helpfull hints on these?? I am going to need to make the cai "mud proof" somehow for the offroad activities...
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sweet... I am thinking that the heat sheild should to a pretty good job of keeping mud out... If I sink the truck up to the hood and get water in the intake, then the stock setup wouldnt have been much better...
Dodgeman - that looks clean!! Do you have any vids of your exhaust??
So I am having an issue with the spectre install... I cant figure out how the hose that came with the kit connects... My OE intake obviously had the stock hose going to my valve covers... The included new hose is only about half the necessary length to go from the new position on the spectre tube to the valve cover.... your thoughts and help??? Thanks!!!
I fixed it... Got a longer piece of tubing from advance auto... Pretty easy install...
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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