Mods on the way!!

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Just ordered a spectre cai kit on ebay for 74 shipped... I am excited to get that in... Will be doing the tb mod once the cai gets here... Any helpfull hints on these?? I am going to need to make the cai "mud proof" somehow for the offroad activities...
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your gonna love that spectre.. i love mine i love getting on it and hearing her suck like crazy!! just tapping the gas sounds insane sounds like lasers under the hood here is mine

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youtube name is dodge2289 u can check out all my vids. i had a few different choices. magnaflow to flowmaster 40 to flowmaster super 10 and cutout
Just followed you on Youtube. Had to do it, especially since you got a '97 as well. this way it's kinda like looking at my own truck... Sorda. Anyways, did your truck used to be green and is now orange?

yes it was green had it painted that look burnt orange american muscle color.. recently my driveshaft fell off my truck. sucks was driving and it came out the rear end. i think when i had the rear seal replaced they didnt do it right. but w/e that will be getting fixed along with 3.92 gears and a master install kit with a patc 2600 stall torque converter.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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