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So i just started my mods for my Red Wings edition 1500 and only thing i have installed is my 14" magnaflow which is amazing love it. Have my leveling kit sitting in my room waiting for the warm weather to show up this weekend to get that put on.(will post pics of that after i get it on) Next on my list is an HID kit but not sure which to go with? Any suggestions on an 8k kit? And an air intake also is on my list but again not sure which to go with? suggestions are much appreciated.
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sounds like you've got a good list of mods going there.

I can't help you with the HIDs, but I'm sure that someone will come along who can... lots of members here have made the conversion.

As for a CAI I've always had good luck with AEM in the past (had 'em on 3 separate vehicles), others have had good luck with K&N (I didn't have such a great experience). Do a search here at the forumz, lots of info

good luck

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