Mopar - Horizontal Grill Inserts - 2012 ST

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Hey all -- I am looking to get the horizontal chromed grill insert for my Ram...anybody have any experience working with these vendor? IF not, any other recommendations would be welcome.

The instal looks really simple, but I am wondering it the plastic anchors are salvageable or if they are one and done -- if so, I would need to order the fastners as well.

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Auto Truck - Horizontal Grille

Dodge Parts Depot -- Horizontal Grille
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Before you go buying new grille inserts see if you can find someone willing to trade. Your ST has black honeycomb inserts which a lot of guys with blacked out sport trucks would like. They have the chromed horizontal bars. Do a few searches on forums and you will see what I mean. Simply offer up an even trade in the forums and you may find a taker.
+1 for the trade, there's lots out there.
I bought a black one, and sold my chrome to a buddy! Worked out good.

Save some money and put some ads around!
I wish you were local, I'd love to trade chrome horizontals for black honeycomb.
If theres anyone from edmonton area I'm looking for some chrome ones to either buy or trade!
Seems that if you have a horizontal chrome insert, you want a black honeycomb. If you have a black honeycomb, you want a horizontal chrome. lol. I put an ad in my local Kijjii looking for someone to swap out inserts and I had a bite in under a week!
I have a set of the chrome horizontal inserts, let me know if you are interested.
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