Mopar Reman 5.2L Longblock

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Hello All,
I have a 5.2L Mopar Reman Longblock ( that I was able to pick up at a very reasonable price. It's unused, 0 Miles, though has been sitting for about 3 yrs.

This brings me to a few questions for you guys and gals...

-Are there any problems associated with this sitting? It was sprayed with WD40, kept in and on plastic bags in a storage rental unit.

-Are there any particulars of this engine that are either good or bad? I have a 5.2L in my Ram now, and want to build or tweek this longblock to replace the current engine as she is beginning to "get tired". Nothing major, and she may have many miles left in her, but I figure I am keeping the truck, so I'd rather take this on before my backs against the wall.

Maybe mild performance upgrades or changes to improve MPG?

All advice is welcome, as I am not too much of a mechanic.
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Thank You.

Plenum kit from Hughes is a definite.

I'll have to research cam options.

This is actually just a start of a fairly large, by my standards at least project with this truck.
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