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bought the truck used, and looking underneath it didn't come with any skids at all so i ended up ordering 3 plates:

2 68089777AB (one for the transfer case, and the other one for the front diff), and the Power steering one 68200064AB.

UPS delivered yesterday, and i was all excited to install them today.
I was able to install only the one for the Front diff.

I don't have a rear crossmember needed to mount the 2nd plate in the transfer case :(

20180811_153426 by Wrangler RSM, on Flickr

And i only have 2 holes (nursets) for the power steering one, however the other crossmember where the other end of the power steering plate is supposed to be attached, doesn't have any holes ???

I already have the front diff one installed see below
20180811_153406 by Wrangler RSM, on Flickr

But is that crossmember suspposed to NOT have the other 2 holes ?
20180811_153337 by Wrangler RSM, on Flickr

Solution for Transfer case
I'm confused with the part number i need
There is the cross member only: Mopar 52022046AG ($155)
And some sort of TC kit, Mopar 82214497 ($83)
the kits is suppossed ot have the TC skid, the crossmeber i think i need (the rear one past the transfer case, i only have the trans cross member), and the bolts.
Can i get the last ? i don't mind having an extra skid, for all i care the kit comes with the crossmember and the bolts, but will i have to drill anything?

How about for the Power steering, should i just drill that crossmember where the 2 holes are supposed to be ?

Thanks a lot.
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