Mopar Tonneau Cover Questions

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with the Mopar Tonneau covers? I am looking to get one when I purchase my truck and was wondering if certain ones are better then others or if there are ones to stay away from? The ones below are what I am looking at.

Roll Up:


Hard Folding:
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I got a BakFlip G2 for my truck today actually. So far, so good. Installation was reasonably straightforward and no drilling required.

Only issue I had is because I've got a spray-in the drain holes are covered. I've looped the drain hoses through the holes at the top of the bed above the front tie downs.. Hoping this works OK.

If you're interested bud - I narrowed my search down to between the Extang SolidFold and the BakFlip. My auto store had both on display and in-person I preferred the BakFlip. It sits flush with the bed and the way it clamps onto the bed rails seems to suit the ram better. The problem with the SolidFold is despite being a simple clip on, no tools needed operation, the clamps at the front squeeze vertically onto the rail. The rails on our truck are covered by the plastic bedrail cover so you'd really have to cut a small piece out so the clamp can hold the steel rail itself. I would worry at least about having it clamped onto the plastic and not being strong enough in the long run - wouldn't want it giving out on the highway. The BakFlip clamps horizontally onto the bed rail so it's not an issue.

Hope this helps

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