Motor oil 2011 Ram Hemi

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I recently bought a 2011 Ram and recently joined this forum I was interested in which oil and oil filter to use. I read as many threads and posts on this subject as I could over a 2 day period . At the end of this process I was more confused than when I started. I contacted 8 people I knew had some knowledge on this subject ( 2 petroleum engineers ,1 chemical engineer, 2 dealer service mgrs. , 2 dealer auto techs, and the fleet maintenance mgr for the transit authority in a city of 3 million people. I kept getting the same answer over and over and this is what I learned 1) there are very few engine failures due to oil failure and even less related to a specific oil supplier. 2) most lubrication failures are the cause of improper maintenance (low engine oil , not changing the oil at the recommended OCI based on the condition the motor is operated under, using the wrong weight oil or poor engine design ETC. ETC..3) any oil meeting the vehicle mfg. specs and API standards will provide proper engine lubrication and protection . 4) 3000 mile oil changes under normal driving conditions do no harm but iare a waste of oil and money and adds little if any to the life of the engine. 5) extended oil change intervals require oil filters designed for extended intervals. 6) having your oil tested is the best method for determining when to change your engine oil Not Mileage. I know some people including me are loyal to certain brands but from what I've found my loyalty is not based in fact
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To help your oil search try This forum is nothing but oil all the time. Lots of info there (more than you can imagine really).
Remember, the hemi has a large oil capacity sump compared to most gas engines (7qts +) so doing 7500 mile oil changes are childs play.
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