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looking at different engines. Blueprint makes a 408 stoker based on the 360 block but its carbeurated. one exceeds the torque rating of the nv4500 at 510 ft lbs. and the other is right at or just above the max at 460 ft lbs. the budget stomper motor starts at 3,795.99 for the basic and $5,295.99 for the dress model which includes:

Edelbrock 750cfm carburetor
Edelbrock water pump
MSD Distributor
MSD Coil
MSD spark plug wires
Holley fuel pump
Braided fuel line

If I threw in a carbeurated motor into my truck would the computer be left on to work the speedometer?

Also autozone has a long block 5.2 for 2,200-2,600 which would fit the nv3500? A computer/harness would need to be added, as well as intake, throttle body and im not sure if it comes with injectors ect. If im going to spend 3 grand on an autozone motor maybe it'd be worth it to go with the stroker and just wait longer to afford the parts? I could afford the basic engine but i'd have to save more for transmission and any other parts. any thoughts or comments ppl?

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i am not really up on Chrysler engine performance & what all is needed to do what you want, either Street or Strip usage

but, you may want to look at builders near you,or.&fp=b187990c28e8af33

i would never use any engine supplied by Pep Boys, Autozone, O'Reilly, or Advanced auto parts stores

they all use Evergreen Engine Exchange, Ltd. for their rebuilders & the BBB gives them a rating of F
i have seen to many issues using these engines & don't even think about calling them for support, they will NOT respond in a favorable way
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