MPG problem!

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i noticed today driving back to houston from austin that even on cruise control 65 to about 70 i was only getting 15.5 max MPG....that can't be good at allll right? i do have 24in rims and i am running my diablo predator sport on 93 octane race this bad?? someone mentioned i might need to spark plugs.
any ideas would be appreciated!!!
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if someone could move this to a better suited category...i think i put it in the wrong one sowwy :(
Is this a change in your mpg?...suddenly or over time? If you have 24" rims, are you tires taller too or are they the short style, and the combo mimics your stock height? Does your tuner allow you to recalibrate the tire/wheel height?
the rims have to have some effect on it....i drove up to shiner texas from mcallen texas and got 19mpg going 80 on cruise control....on 11 hem ram
If you don't have a need for the 93 tune then don't use it. I can't speak for the Diablo tunners, but Superchips tunners increase your shift points when you put the higher performance settings on. Try putting the factory shift points on if you insist on the 93. Your tuner should also alow you to calibrate the larger tires and rims. Also check all your basic maintenance i.e. air filter, plugs, etc.
i have the u7137 dsp and with the new update you can adjust your tire/rim size, this will have a huge effect on your mpg. also if your are not running 93 octane with your perf. 93 tune then you need to go back to the 91 oct tune. you CAN run a higher fuel on a lower tune, but not a HIGHER tune with a lower fuel. hope this helps.
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