Mud flaps for lifted trucks

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What are you guys running for mud flaps on your lifted trucks??

I have a 2013 1500 with a 6"lift and just have the stock mud Nitto trail grapplers are going to make a mess of the paint if I don't get something better.

Any suggestions on a good fit and a good look???

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I have fender flares and I also have the stock mud flaps on.....The tires throw up a huge amount of rocks, sand or anything on the road. The side of my truck is always covered I'm noticing rock chips and scratches from it. I live in Alberta and when they sand the roads in the winter it is far from sand it is small rocks and the tires love picking them up.

I've been told the kick back mud flaps are the best for any lifted truck?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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