Muddin, before the problems. PICSSS

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Me and my friend muddin a lil. im only 16 so, not too many mods yet. im the red truck. When i got home i had some major charging system problems :(. i think its a fusible link.

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Looks like you had fun! Did you find the problem with the charging system?
well i thought it was my alternator, so i replaced that and the battery. still no good. it was only yesterday so i think im gunna check my fusible links and relays today
Based on the photos, it looks like you drove through some of the mud kinda fast, which likely sprayed mud up on/in the alternator. This can often be remedied with a good wash under the hood. Good Luck :)
Opps, was posting at the same time. :str:
If you replaced the alternator, then that rules out dirt inside it. LOL
There is 1 fusible link from the alternator to the battery (A11). It is between splice points S115 (Driver side rear of engine compartment) and S118 (Drivers side near Fuse Box and is the first slice point on the thinner wire attached to the Fuse Box).

The Fusible Link is Light Blue and 8 gauge wire size. It's likely buried inside the wire loom.
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Great pics! Hope you find the problem soon. I think Brad has you on the right track.
thanks so much brad!! thats the best info ive got so far and ive been looking for a day! i will definately check it when im home
Very cool pics man, definitely looks like y'all had fun! Sure hope you get that electrical problem figured out soon!

- Cajun
thanks so much brad!! thats the best info ive got so far and ive been looking for a day! i will definately check it when im home
Here's hoping it leads to a successful repair. :)
If you find out the fuse link is bad, you can substitute a 100A fuse as an interim fix until you can get the proper fusible link. However, if the battery is very low, the fuse might blow, so would recommend charging the battery before connecting up a fuse....they're not as forgiving as a fusible link is. :)
how do i know if the link is bad?
So your 16 huh....I thought i was the youngest on the forum (17). Glad to see some youth in the forum. :smileup: Nice Truck! if you werent out in NY I would say come join me in some mudding in Jersey, and see if you can keep up with me :smiley_thumbs_up:
hey jerseys not far! 3 months i get my full license and ill be able to leave ny! my friend with the silver rams dad lives in jersey! well meet up there sumtime/
how do i know if the link is bad?
The easiest way to tell is with a voltmeter. put one lead on each side of the link and it should read 0V (depending on your meter it might show 0.10 or something similar, but should be less than 0.20V with the truck 'OFF'.
so found the problem! the crap brand at autozone wasnt the right alt!i just needed one on new years, and my grandpa owns a boatyard and all his suppliers were closed. But the return worked out well! When i bought the new alt, they gave me a $30 refund for the core of my old one. That brought the price of the new one from 160 to 130. somehow, today when i returned it, i walked out with 208$ and my old alternator! LOL.
it looks like you are having tire pressure issues. your pic of the front looks low. just my opinion though
very cool picks, watch out with the extra fog lights you can get a ticket driving with them on
yes, the last picture the tire was low because it blew up :( they were low when i was there because i had just goten off the beach
Looks like fun.
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