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Edit: Its a 2009 Ram 1500 Sport 5.7L with 170 000 km on it.

Hey guys, I was hoping to wait till warmer weather to fix the electrical problems on my truck but I feel if I wait any longer it's gonna be sitting in a parking lot dead. It started with just the SVC 4WD/ABS and traction control lights and has spread from there. I've gotten underneath it and tried to inspect the connections but its so overwhelming I didn't know where to start. Now that I've done quite a bit of reading on this forum and online, I've kinda gotten it narrowed down to a) Loose/corroded/damaged CAN Bus wiring or loose connector b) TIPM problem. Tomorrow I'm going out and doing a thorough inspection, checking for corrosion or broken/loose wires and connections then I'm taking it in to the dealership in 2 weeks when I'm back from work unless anyone has any ideas. Thanks for your help.

-Check Engine Light
-Malfunction Indicator Light
-SVC 4WD / ABS Lights
-Traction Control light
-Occasionally Seatbelt light and Airbag light come on together for a few mins
-A few times the shift indicator (P R N D) lights have flashed around

-Tach and Speedometer will "flicker"... (drop for a split second then recover)
-Starting issues... will turn over and cut out. Sometimes I have to cycle the key a few times before it even responds. It's an electrical signal problem, not a hard start or anything. It fires up very strong when it does go, although sometimes it'll start for a second and decide to turn off again.
-Won't shift out of park sometimes. Solenoid locking the shifter won't disengage (I think...)
-Cruise control works but will cut out sometimes
-Occasionally the key fob won't connect and unlock the truck. Pulling the IOD fuse for 15 seconds or so resets it. This might be a different problem altogether so maybe ignore this one.

Codes Currently Up:
P0480 - Powertrain cooling fan 1 control circuit
U0141 - Network
U1403 - Network
U110E - Network
U0168 - Network
U1113 - Network

Codes Previously Displayed
P0513 - Powertrain
P076C - Powertrain
P3332 - Powertrain
P0013 - Powertrain "B" Camshaft Position - Acutator Circuit
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