My 03Ram has TWO O2 sensors NOT four - no one believes me! Help!

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Hey Guys -
I need to replace my 02 sensors. I have 2. One upstream. One downstream. The dealer ran my vin and insists I have 4. All the parts stores only have a listing for 4.

A friend with an 05 says he saw a notation in his factory shop manual about the early 03's with the 5.7 having only two 02 sensors but quickly changing to 4. I have not seen this with my own eyes, but figured you guys could vouch for that.

My question is simple: Are the part numbers for the two O2 sensors I have the SAME as the part numbers for the Rams with 4 sensors?

Thanks for any help you can offer. Anyone who doubts my sanity is welcome to crawl around looking for the other two sensors. You wouldn't be the first to try... and fail.:gy:
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You guys are FANTASTIC! Thank you Frost King! This means I'm not crazy!!!!

Any idea how I could find the right (0.1 - 0.9) volt Zirconia sensors? I want to make sure I order the right ones seeing as how you can't return electronic parts and all.

Thank you again!
Good to know, thank you. I don't remember the code off the top of my head but will get back to you. I hadn't considered the catalyst being the culprit...
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