My Build - '12 Big Horn

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OK people, I wanted to start a thread about my build. Its a 2012 Ram 1500 Big Horn, black exterior (which I love and hate at the same time :LOL:). Anyways I have debaged it, added the vent shade things, Ive order interior LED lights from which should be in soon. Also I am attempting to lightly smoke the tail lights. I have an old pair of LED tails off my GMC I am trying that out with. Actually I have heads, tails, and fogs that I am testing it with LOL. I am using the VHT Night Shades, but they seems to be a little on the blueish side unless you use it heavily. Help would be greatly appreciated with that. Ill attach a pic of the tails and heads that Ive smoked. I will be adding a brush guard (or front end replacement, dont know yet), headache rack, and HID's. Thanks for looking!!

Brand new from dealer


These are pics of trying to perfect the smoked lights process on my old gmc aftermarket heads, tails, and fogs....Any help would be great as to why they kinda look blue (hard to see in these pics)

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How's the FM reception on our antenna and where did you get it from?
Make sure ya post pics after ya Plasti-Dip everything. Pics are gold around these parts lol.
It is easy believe me. I was worried when I first did it but heck if I can't screw it up then you are good to go. I may haveta look into that shorty antennae, I am getting tired of the piece of crap one Dodge puts on our trucks. Only big ass antennae should be whips for a CB .
Post pics! Post pics :smileup:
And the HID's are from Retro-Solutions, 55w 5000k...lows and fogs
got pics of this to share?
Im currently waiting for my 5K on both low and fogs also.
Yea ill take pics later...5K is not what I though it would be though...Its more yellow than anything....buuuut I havent driven the truck on the road yet so they might be different when I do...just shining them on the house, and I only got one too dark and a little tipsy also lol...right now Im in the process of plasti-dipping my wheels
Thats odd you say that as 5K typically is whitest of whites and typically produces the most light output.
Stock cars with HIDs/projectors typically use 5K also.

So a before and after of your wheels :smileup:
Yea like I said it might be different once I get onto the road, just shining them on the brown house it looks yellow, sooo Im hoping that it will be white...ohhh yes I will post pics of the wheels...thankfully it will come right off if I dont like it a lot more mods in the mail on the way...waiting on FedEx man right now for my other Recon products!!! got 55W! That should be bright. Especially if you didn't do a retrofit projector and still have your stock reflectors in there.
Anyways, post an update about that.
Here is the one rim that I have done so far, just testing it on one just to make sure I like it



Im letting it dry throughly right now, then Im gonna put the glossifier on it..will post a pic after it has dried
Damn! Nice!
So all you gotta do is wash it nice and clean, dry it and spray away?
The wheels turned out great!
How man cans do you need per wheel?
So you got matte black and then a gloss spray too?
Thanks man, on the first rim I used 1.5 cans but I oversprayed quite a bit. The next two I used one can each and they came out perfect. The first layer I sprayed enough for 50% transparancy. Then I put 3 more layers on it, letting it dry between layers obviously. For the gloss I did the exact same thing. It looked good being matte black k but even better glossy. I got all my stuff from, cool website, lots of videos and how-to. But they don't ship to canada. They have a link to somebody that does though.
Thanks man!
I will have it shipped to my cousins and when I visit and grab all my other stuff, Ill grab it as well.
Ill just buy 10 cans. I can always use it somewhere else....LOL
Plastidip turned out great!
As did everything else.

Some big thumbs up for you!
Pics of the plasti-dipped wheels and Recon lights on back and side. First are daytime pics, then night time.
Looks like its floating :SHOCKED:

Great work! Your mods are flying on the truck. There is no wasting time here :smileup:
These go the roof right?
Do you need to drill holes or are they held by magnet/3M?
Where would you put the wiring?

Very interested in this also.
If you don't mind me asking, where and how much did you get them for?
Im assuming the 55W 5000k HIDS are bright enough?
I recall you mentioning that they were not bright...?
Its all good man. I got all the lights from the cab lights were 99.99 plus shipping, use promo code "fb15" and it gives you 15% off, which knocks off the shipping pretty much. It comes with very detailed install instructions specifically for 4th Gen trucks, but I want one of the templetes which are very hard to get, unless you buy the mopar kit. Yea you have to drill 15 holes total in the roof. 10 for mounting, and 5 for the wires to go through. You have to remove the headliner and run all the wires down to the dash. You can put them on a seperate switch or tie it into the parking light wires. I'm gonna put them on a seperate switch.
I live where there is snow in winter.
Will drilling the holes cause rusting?
Pls keep us posted as to how the palstidip holds up over time with driving on the highway/stone chips.
Looks amazing!
Completely different truck :smileup:
Truck is looking kick ass man. Next up rear bumper coated? Really like that brush guard. What brand did you go with?
Man, all you need now are police lights on top and you'll look like those ramming vehicles :smileup:
Lmao @ Ramming Vehicles, get it Ram ing lol :D
Yup! Thats why I said it :smileup:

Glad you picked up on it.....LOL
But you seriously look like you can and maybe should do it
Try a tree first :158:

Lol...well I got plenty off trees...but if I'm feeling invincable, I think ill try it on my 4-Wheeler..
not a 40k truck lol
Good call :smileup:

You have till the end of today for the pictures! Ok er whenever you get to them haha.
Let's see these suckers!

At least if you have a black out you'll know you can light up you house :smileup:
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