My Build - '12 Big Horn

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OK people, I wanted to start a thread about my build. Its a 2012 Ram 1500 Big Horn, black exterior (which I love and hate at the same time :LOL:). Anyways I have debaged it, added the vent shade things, Ive order interior LED lights from which should be in soon. Also I am attempting to lightly smoke the tail lights. I have an old pair of LED tails off my GMC I am trying that out with. Actually I have heads, tails, and fogs that I am testing it with LOL. I am using the VHT Night Shades, but they seems to be a little on the blueish side unless you use it heavily. Help would be greatly appreciated with that. Ill attach a pic of the tails and heads that Ive smoked. I will be adding a brush guard (or front end replacement, dont know yet), headache rack, and HID's. Thanks for looking!!

Brand new from dealer


These are pics of trying to perfect the smoked lights process on my old gmc aftermarket heads, tails, and fogs....Any help would be great as to why they kinda look blue (hard to see in these pics)

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looks pretty good, could go a shade or 2 darker with the tinting, try wet sanding the light first next time and try and get a few layers of clear to protect them. i think the grille guard looks better then the other one but thats my opinion, im tinting my tail lights and getting a bumper put on as we speak
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