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well this is gunna start out as a build 'story' before i get into it.

I started this awesome silver(ish) 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 in a trade. My first ram was a black 1500 Sport. While i was deployed, i loaned my black sport to a friend.... and he beat the living snot out of it. there was too much damage to list, but after a new front end and a new tranny, she just was not the same truck. There was just an overwhelming amount of repairs over the whole truck, and i was starting to tackle them one by one. Tires finally came up, and i found a guy on craigslist with some 33s. when i went to buy em, i saw a silver extended cab sitting on the side of his garage ( my soon to be tank). my thoughts were PART TRUCK! I asked a few general questions about it, and short of just over 200000 miles, she ran like a champ... so no part truck. he offered a straight trade, mine for his, because i had a new tranny, and there was a 5 inch fabtech sitting in the bed of his, new in the box. so i made the leap and so starts my project tank.

Since i joined the forum well after i started building the ram up, i dont have many pictures of what she started out as. I installed the lift shortly after getting it, got a cheap black roll bar, and a set of 16x8s wrapped in goodyear wrangler 35s. pretty sweet. oh and a black grille off ebay for dirt cheap. real tough for me. so heres where i start some pictures .

35s!!!!!!! ( the below picture was took much later from when the first one was, its just the best pic i have of the rims and tires)

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Does that app connect wirelessly? If so that is really scary...

Sweet truck :)
^ok but you have to plug something in to the connector, phew! I though you could just go around wirelessly tampering with peoples cars lol!
^depends. not sure it'd look good on a red truck...
wedding w/o open bar = fail :)
haha, I like the way you think :)

We didn't have a wedding in the traditional sense, but if we would have, I would have probably had an open bar. Or at least a few drinks for everyone on the house.
and that's all that matters lol
Multi color bulbs? Don't even know if that's possible...
^Those lights are AWESOME, came out very cool. You're going to have airplanes trying to land on your truck lol.
Can't give you reps :( Looks like you've been screwed by the anti-rep fairy...
Tonight's headline:

"Boeing 727 collides with dodge ram. Pilot survives and says he thought the truck was a runway approach lighting system"

wow that's awesome man, those are huge lol
summit has my body lift for 200 bucks! 3 inch blocks, steering extension and front bumper brackets. doubt those will work on my front bumper lol.
That's what fabrication skills are for! lol. You have a welder?
Cool truck pic!

(no comment on the others)

Here's what I think of that Steven!
Pictures or it didn't happen!!!! (oh wait....nm)....
I bet you'll get better mpg!!!! lol

Doesn't look too bad man....a bit skinny yes lol
Do you guys REALLY think I'd put lights on my truck!?!? Don't you know how anal I am about my paint! lol
just be careful I'm no electrician but learned a little bit when running a dedicated line to my garage for my welder. Don't over load the system or you could start a fire if the wire gets too hot.
Well that makes me :(

But that's good I guess that it sold so fast. Hopefully you made out well on it and can get another one soon!
Wow that's great! Congrats!
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